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The CAJUN project

The CD-ROM Acrobat Journals Using Networks (CAJUN) project is involved with the electronic dissemination of journal articles, using Adobe Acrobat technology. Detailed information on the first phasesof the CAJUN project can be obtained in the paper Journal Publishing with Acrobat: the CAJUN project.

The CAJUN project is in its second phase. Sponsored by John Wiley & Sons, work on the project has been undertaken by:

Electronic Publishing Research Group

Electronic Publishing Solutions

Merlin Open Systems

There are nine journals in the CAJUN project, each with its own home page. We hope to provide novel features such as searches, discussion forums and multiple index pages to help subscribers to fully utilise the benefits of electronic dissemination methods such as the World-Wide Web. Each journal will have its own subset of novel features.

Project Journals and Books

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