Heather Brown

Contact Details

E-mail: H.Brown@ukc.ac.uk

WWW: http://www.ukc.ac.uk/computer_science/Html/hbrown.html

Biographical Information

Heather Brown began her career as a systems programmer at IBM and then moved to the University of Cambridge as a Research Assistant. Since 1968 she has been at the University of Kent at Canterbury, initially as a programmer, then as a Lecturer, and now as Professor of Electronic Publishing and Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology.

For the last ten years she has been involved in a number of research projects concerned with electronic documents, funded primarily by EPSRC and BT. She has a special interest in standards for electronic documents and has been a member of BSI committees concerned with the UK input into ISO standards for structured documentation. She has published papers on structured documents and electronic journals, and her current research interests include techniques for indexing multimedia documents in a distributed environment.