EP-odd is an International journal which publishes refereed papers on all aspects of electronic publishing. A broad interpretation of the topic is taken and we wish to encourage articles in areas such as structured editors, authoring tools, hypermedia, document bases, production of concordances and indexes, document display on workstations, electronic documents over networks, integration of text and illustrations, typeface design, imaging hardware relevant to electronic publishing etc. (although this list is far from exhaustive). The major requirement is that the paper should address some aspect of publishing in the electronic era, with computers being involved-however tenuously-in one or more of the themes mentioned in the journal's subtitle.

The overlap of electronic publishing with areas such as graphics, databases and computer networks is recognized and acknowledged. The journal encourages articles which help to integrate techniques from these and other areas into the mainstream of electronic publishing, but it is not the intention to publish papers which are so closely focussed on the related area that they belong more properly in the specialist journals for that field. Articles may taken the form of research papers on some particular topic, case studies describing the evolution and implementation of systems, surveys of the state-of-the-art in some area of electronic publishing or tutorials on topics that are part of current practice but which have hitherto been inadequately documented. Articles may vary from short notes of about two pages to weighty papers as long as forty pages (for some detailed survey, perhaps) but we expect the average paper to be in the range of ten to twenty pages.